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In Search Engine Optimization backlinks have a very important role. First thing you should decide what types of backlinks you want for your website.

A long time ago but not that long in terms of SEO marketing it was a lot easier to get links. Basically, a person could rank their website. With literally just asking a bunch of people with different websites to link back to yours.

Sometime around 2007 to 2008, the most practice where you could link to one site would turn back to yours. Have in mind it was important that those sites which were linking back to yours would be in some kind related to yours.

“Not that long ago” you probably would search any given site and noticed a page called “Related Resources” or ‘’Related Links’’ and you could see a list of websites and their URLs.

I can guarantee, that is no more.

Buying links, on the other hand, is not safe and also forbidden. There are some links that are just useless and horrible for your website, and it only would do us harm and send a bad signal to the search engine about the reliability and safety of your site.

In simple terms: You can easily have thousands of people linking to your website, but if they are not good sites or related it’s useless. It will only affect the good pages that are already ranking and won’t do any good…

It is very important to think carefully about how to get a link.

It’s a good thing to have links point to your business, especially today. Earlier we mention social media and your profile. The important thing about those is it looks natural. It is also a perfect way for people to find your site. Your customers and search engines alike expect you to be on those sites and related to you and what you do.

You can put these as a healthy way of pointing very natural back to your website.

Keep in mind these are some of the first things you should build.

If you get mentioned on the local news, seven news, nine news or even if you don’t then they usually offer an article on their blog. This publication usually will have a referring link back to the source aka your business.

Another great way of building a link is if you have expert knowledge in your field then even better! We can find related publications and ask them to submit an article you wrote.

Get into contact with the industry leaders to get a business network together. You never know they could contact you to write them some sort of publication for their website aka another excellent backlink.

Another thing I always encourage my clients to do is find a product or service in their industry. Then write about that keeping in mind the end reader. For example, if my client is a Dentist, and they have discovered a new treatment that works wonders for patients.

They could write a blog post about the satisfied patient reviews and how the procedure works. It helps bring in clients as well as informs readers the procedure works and the benefits of it.

Then we can contact the company that sells the supplies with a tweet that we have a blog post about all the happy clients they have helped. Worst case scenario we get a re-tweet of the blog post. Meaning all the people following them now know you have offered an excellent service

An even better scenario is they repost it on their website. BOOM! You have one of the best backlinks around!.

As I mentioned above you might even get some clients out of it. After all, it won’t do any good if you are on page 5 of Adelaide dentists. Good quality links are absolutely key to get your website ranking.

This is all a brief overview of how to get healthy quality backlinks to your local business website.

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