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I remember someone asking me whats the worst website I had ever seen. Well, the thing is I see terrible websites all the time in terms of SEO but in terms of impressions, I think this guy takes the cake… I mean that was the goal after all.

Sometimes even a badly designed website can make a good impression if the content is good that is. It’s all about the message the pages are sending. After all, if you were to open a store you would do your best to stand out and style it to your clientele.

So I’m sure you would agree that this makes sense after all if you have a fast-food establishment a drive-through is a smart idea. If you’re looking for fast food. I’m sure you not leaving your cool cozy car is a pretty big selling point.

But what if every fast food establishment has a drive-through how do you beat them? We’ll you spruce up the joint, get Jimmy from down the street to wave a sign. Get down to marketing make your sausage-roll/meat pie/burger at the best most good looking delicious thing around! Even if your prices maybe a few cents higher if the quality I personally wouldn’t mind.

Makes sense right? Oath it does!

So, would you rather have a cold meat pie at the service station or a hot one at Vilis next door (after all we are talking about first impressions)?

So why would your website be any different?

I’m saying your website has to be all that and a bag of chips. I’m just saying you have to adapt to your target audience. Think about it when you have a legal problem you go to a lawyer when you have a medical issue you go to a doctor when you have car trouble you go to a mechanic.

So why would it be any different for online marketing? Think about it if your doctor is a lawyer on the weekend and a mechanic on the side what are the chances they will be a good doctor?

Its the same with your website you have to stick to what you are selling. Keep it simple and make it easily accessible on all platforms. You don’t need anything fancy you just need to show that you care.

If your website pages are filled with complex and hard to read designs and text. Then what are the chances someone will sit around waiting for your website to load completely?

If I have learned anything is they getting straight to the point counts. I am an SEO Expert, I have clearly proven results and a contact number.

But if you want a freebie percentile or any other lame excuse please don’t call me I don’t have the time. Please, call uncle Fred to get the job done. I’m sure he has plenty of time on the weekend to get your site ranking for free.

If you have tried uncle Fred and haven’t seen the results and want a real professional to take over and fix things. I don’t have a problem with that feel free to give me a call.

If on the other hand, you don’t like something I have done want something done differently. Don’t give me the run around just tell me straight out and we can come up to plan to fix it and to move forward.

Are you ready to call yet? Feel free too I’ll be waiting patiently for your email or call. See you soon!

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